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Four Realtor Lead Generation Strategies That Still Work

20 Feb, 2018

Millennials make the largest generational share in the homebuyer market. While many traditional realtor lead generation tactics still work, they

Attract More, High-Quality Real Estate Clients in 5 Simple Steps

07 Feb, 2018

No two real estate clients are created equal. Any seasoned real estate provider can attest to the differences in client

5 No-Brainer Tips for a Successful Real Estate Photo Shoot

03 Feb, 2018

Spring is right around the corner and For Sale signs will be popping up in lawns across the country—just like

3 Commercial Builder Trends That Will Be Game-Changers in 2018

11 Jan, 2018

As a title company that meets the needs of builders, Velocity Title pays close attention to the economy, regulations, technology,

Three Mortgage Technology Musts for 2018

09 Jan, 2018

In nearly every industry, new technologies drive businesses forward. Early adopters thrive and those late to the party often suffer

Refinancing Numbers Expected to Be Higher than Previously Predicted for 2017

05 Jan, 2018

Mortgage experts are forecasting that refinancing numbers will be higher than previously expected for the rest of 2017. The Mortgage

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