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3 Ways Real Estate Professionals Benefit from Virtual Showing Tools

17 Mar, 2021

2020 was the year we all stayed home. With 2021 upon us, many of us are still at home—which means virtual solutions have become an absolute necessity for businesses of all kinds, including real estate. Virtual showing tools are the latest addition to the arsenal of capabilities brokers and agents have at their disposal to connect with clients. Even as we begin to reconnect, these tools are going to be at the forefront of the real estate business. Here are three ways real estate professionals can benefit from virtual showing tools:

Get in Early

Virtual showing tools are, by far, the next big thing in real estate. Homebuyers want ease and convenience, and what’s more convenient than being able to tour a property from the comfort of home? Digital marketing has been a staple in real estate for a while now, but virtual showing tools are taking those efforts to the next level. Buyers tend to be impressed when a property they’re interested in offers a virtual walkthrough they can control. With virtual tools, you can connect with potential buyers and answer any questions they may have about the property. This will put you ahead of the competition that doesn’t offer similar features.

Encourage Communication

When you implement virtual showing tools, potential homebuyers will be able to independently investigate any property they’re interested in. They can spend as much time as they want in the virtual tour and hone in on certain aspects as they see fit. Additionally, these tours tend to hold buyers’ attention better than other kinds of digital marketing efforts because most are geared toward quick, seconds-long interactions. Meanwhile, taking a virtual tour creates a greater bond with the property and increases the likelihood that a potential buyer will communicate to learn more about everything a property can offer.

Replicate the Feeling of Ownership

One of the best strategies in real estate is making a potential buyer feel at home in a new property. There are plenty of methods to go about this, but virtual showing tools tend to do this by default. When a homebuyer takes a virtual tour of a property, they’re going at their own pace rather than being led through. This independence and autonomy creates a personal connection that can’t be matched with the typical in-person house showing. Plus, adding other technical features they can use, such as information on local amenities or a mortgage calculator, can make homebuyers feel even more in control.

With virtual showing tools at your disposal, you’ll be in a much better position to close on properties not only during this time of isolation but also long after life returns to “normal.”

Velocity Title Moves Your Clients Forward

In today’s real estate environment, being able to meet your clients needs from a distance is a must. At Velocity Title, we have implemented the latest technology and resources to ensure your clients are virtually making it to the closing table—on time, safe, and happy! To learn how Velocity Title can help streamline your client’s needs, click here or contact us today.

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