Title Insurance Overview

What is title insurance?

There are many misconceptions about title insurance. Like other insurance products, it protects against the unknown. However, unlike other insurance products, it only protects against the undiscovered events in the past. The bottom-line is title insurance is extremely important for every real estate owner. It protects owners against errors, unresolved disputes, omissions, undiscovered liens, etc., that may have occurred in the chain of title as it passed from one owner to the next.

As experts in title search and problem identification, Velocity Title will research the records of your property to ensure there are no ownership issues. Our first step is searching public records to determine the status of ownership. Then, our trained underwriters will determine the insurability of the title. Velocity Title will keep you and your real estate partners in the loop on all progression of your title search, and you can access it 24/7 using our secure Velo-Paperless Closer system.

If you have other questions about title insurance, read our FAQs or contact us today!

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