Closing Overview

Know what to expect in the closing process, from start to finish.

The day of your closing has arrived. All parties in the real estate transaction will meet at a chosen location to conduct the closing. The meeting is generally led by one person, usually from the title company. The primary purpose of a real estate closing is to verify all steps have been taken to ensure:

  1. The buyer receives a clear title to the property purchased
  2. The seller receives payment for the property sold

When all parties have signed, the mortgage or deed are recorded with the county. Closing complete!

What Velocity Title does for you: “Moving You Forward”

Our priority is to make sure your real estate closing goes smoothly and move you forward, protected, into your next chapter. We do this by:

  • Putting you first, always—client satisfaction is our top priority
  • Acting as your escrow agent—ensuring your money is handled safely and professionally
  • Being your troubleshooter, identifying any potential issues and solving them
  • Serving as your depositor for all funds, and distributes them at closing
  • Reviewing your title and clearing any defects
  • Giving you access to your files 24/7 using our online portal
  • Educating you throughout the entire process so you are up-to-date when you come to the closing
  • Calculating any prorations for your taxes and/or Homeowner Association assessments
  • Paying off any liens on your property
  • Conducting a smooth, prompt and professional real estate closing
  • Sitting down with you and fully explaining all documents
  • Recording your documents in the appropriate Official Records
  • Issuing your title insurance policy

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