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Breach of Broker Buyer Agreement in Real Estate—How to Avoid a Legal Battle

09 May, 2022

By: R. Glenn Donaldson, Esq., Founder, Velocity Title A high producing real estate brokerage and their agent recently came to

Anything is Selling, But Not all Make it to Closing

20 Apr, 2022

We are all aware the housing market is still hot, and many properties are being sold having deferred maintenance. As

Inflation, Real Estate and Interest Rates: The Rise Has Begun!

18 Apr, 2022

Inflation is here. It is a topic of discussion on the news, in Congress and at the kitchen table. Gas

4 Real Estate Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2022 and 2023

23 Mar, 2022

Real estate in 2022 is off to a wild start. With COVID restrictions lessoning, but a lot of uncertainty with

The Russian-Ukraine Conflict and U.S. Real Estate: Rates Dip and Home Prices Rise

03 Mar, 2022

Since the beginning of the year, we have seen mortgage rates go up a whole percentage but as of March

Non-QM Loans: Understanding What They Are, and the Pros and Cons

22 Feb, 2022

In the hopes of getting more borrowers in the game, Non-QM Loans (Non-Qualified Mortgages) have grown significantly. QM Loans (Qualified

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