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4 Digital Marketing Real Estate Trends You Should Embrace Right Now

14 Aug, 2023

It’s a common theme—technology and real estate. With the post-COVID era of everything being virtual, real estate professionals should be adapting their business models to meet new expectations. One area that can be overlooked, but is so important, is digital marketing. Here are four digital marketing real estate trends you can use to grow your business today.

Get Chatty with Chatbots

Believe it or not, many consumers use Chatbots when looking for quick answers. How many times have you seen a pop-up on a website with someone asking if they can help you? That’s a Chatbot! In fact, most major retailers have them on their websites now. But what about in real estate industry?

According to, “Real estate chatbots are apps that respond to a user’s typed questions with predetermined answers. Real estate agents and brokerages use real estate chatbots on their websites and Facebook pages to screen leads. There are two types of real estate chatbots: Artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots and logic tree chatbots.”

When it comes to using chatbots in your digital marketing strategy, start with Facebook. Did you know you can set up your Facebook Messenger chatbot in just a few minutes? It’s definitely worth exploring. Then, the more contacts you have the more opportunities are present for potential leads.

To learn more about Chatbots, or how technology can enhance your business, check out our previous article here.

Never Underestimate the Power of a High-Performing Website

Websites are a staple for any business and when it comes to real estate you need one that is high-performing, concise, engaging and streamlined—all while effectively promoting your brand! Let’s think about it this way, real estate consumers are looking online at properties more than ever. This means they are aware of what is visually appealing and easy to navigate. If they are looking for a real estate professional to partner with, you want to leave a good impression if they get to your site. This is why you should invest in a website that is the best it can possibly be! With a high-performing website you will:

  • Sets the tone for who you are, your style of business and your brand
  • Provide timely and helpful content that also captures quality leads when accessed
  • Show property listings and be able to convert visitors into appointments seamlessly (think Chatbots here)
  • Have an area for honest feedback—comments, questions and even testimonials
  • Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so you’re easy to find, and your audience grows organically

Did Someone Say “Virtual Tour?”

Virtual tours have become a must for today’s home buyers. Thanks to COVID and not being able to visit people’s homes, virtual tours have stepped up their game big time. I’ve actually seen virtual tours nicer than a custom wedding day video! And let’s not forget, we are all glued to our phones. So having the ability to connect with your prospects in this way is a big advantage. Here are some ways the virtual tour trend can boost your business:

  • Your prospects will get a much more authentic view of the home—pictures just can’t capture what video can.
  • Seeing a virtual tour gives the viewer a true understanding of the property, so if they are interested you know there’s a good chance you can move to the next step with them.
  • Virtual tours leave an online footprint which increases your SEO and expands your audience.
  • You can integrate virtual tours right onto your website and social accounts.
  • There is free virtual tour software you can use, and those that do charge are relatively inexpensive.

Be a Digital Real Estate Influencer

The term influencer is very “in” right now. Did you know there are hundreds of thousands of “influencers” on social media platforms that make a living solely influencing others? So, why not strategically use your influence in an area you’re an expert in?

Many people think they can’t be influencers because aren’t big time experts, or they don’t have a large following. Here’s a secret—neither really matter! You already know so much about your profession, and many people want to know what you know. By sharing your thoughts and insights, you can become their go-to resource for their real estate needs. Here’s how you can start:

  • Write some blogs. Whether monthly or weekly, share some quick information on areas you see clients needing help, etc., then share those blogs on your website, social channels and through email.
  • Join all the industry-relative groups on Facebook, LinkedIn and Quora and start chiming in with answers to questions or engaging with comments and posts.
  • Join forces with other real estate professionals you like or admire and collaborate to engage more of an audience.
  • Ask questions—if you have followers engage with them on your social accounts and do some polls to spark a discussion or potential blog/article topics.

When it comes to digital marketing and real estate in a growing technological world, the sky is the limit. Don’t be afraid to branch out and try some new techniques to grow your business. By implementing some of the trends discussed, you could see a big change in not just the quantity of leads you are attracting, but also the quality.

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