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5 Best Practices All Home Sellers Should Be Doing Now

19 Apr, 2023

With the real estate market slowing down, sellers are now having to take a closer look at their expectations and make some changes to ensure they land the right buyer. Here are five best practices you can start doing now to make sure you’re the best seller on the block!

Get your home in tip-top shape

With less buyers out there than previous years, the ones looking are much pickier. When COVID hit and everyone was desperate to buy or sell, many people were taking whatever they could—and happily willing to do repair after repair. That trend has shifted. Right now, active buyers are looking for more homes they don’t have to put as much money into after settlement. This is in part due to higher home prices and interest rates.

By making the repairs now, you may be putting out a little extra money but you’re much more likely to make it back when you get a great buyer who’s willing to pay what you’re asking for.

Set a realistic listing price

We all want the most bang for our buck. And when it comes to real estate, that is especially true. However, with the market cooling off, its important sellers be more realistic about the price they list for in order to make the sale of their home easier. Some sellers are choosing to list at market-value, or even a bit lower, because it can lead to bidding wars and more money towards closing costs, etc.

Having a great real estate agent as your partner is so important because they can help you determine what is a reasonable listing price while taking other factors into consideration.

Make showings a top priority

Showings are so important when trying to sell your home. And yes, they can be inconvenient at times. But exceptional sellers know the more people that come see their property, the quicker it will sell. One way to make the home showing process easier is to have a plan in place. By knowing exactly what needs to be done by who, and when, can make preparing for showings less stressful. It also helps to be flexible with last minute showing requests.

Put focus back on curb appeal

The outside of your home is like the icing on a cake. The cake may be delicious and fluffy inside, but if the icing is cracked and missing in spots, you’ll be less likely to want to have a piece.

During the COVID pandemic, many buyers didn’t care about the appearance of the homes they were purchasing. Do you remember hearing about the record-breaking number of people buying homes unseen? But now things have shifted in the real estate market, and those that are buying are looking for homes that meet more specific needs. What that means is, competition amongst sellers is up, and a buyer just might overlook a property based on its curb appeal.

Exceptional sellers will spend some time sprucing up the outside to make sure more people come check out the inside!

Choose real estate partners that knows their stuff

Great real estate agents can be the biggest asset a seller can have. They understand the market trends and know how to advise their clients effectively. Take your time to find an agent, and other real estate partners such as a lender and title company, that know how help you become an exceptional seller in no time!

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