Make Your Listing Stand Out

5 Creative Ways to Make Your Real Estate Listings Stand Out

14 Sep, 2023

In real estate we not only want to stand out amongst our competitors, but we also need to. The attention your listings receive have a direct impact on your business success. In this digital era where everything is vying for everyone’s attention, here are five creative ways you can make your listing stand out.

Take Your Photos and Videos to the Next Level—Literally

To make your properties stand out, your photos need to be as visually appealing as possible. According to a case study done by IMOTO, a company creating real estate photography for both sellers and REALTORS®, 350 listings were compared using their professional photography against 350 similar listings in the same ZIP code. Listings using professional photography sold 50% faster and 39% closer to the original listing price than similar homes without professional photos.

Now, I’m not saying you need to run out and hire a professional photographer for every listing—although if you have the means definitely do—but there are ways you can step up your photography game right now. Investing in a high-resolution, HDR (high dynamic range) interior and exterior camera is a great idea.

If you haven’t already, you definitely want to look into ariel photography and video. More and more potential home buyers want to visualize the location and by capturing images from above you are ensuring more clicks and more focused prospects. Because of this, drone imaging is becoming a must in the competitive side of real estate listings.

Blog about Your Awesome Inventory

We like a great blog…clearly! It’s an awesome and easy way to put focus on your listings while getting the SEO content out on the Internet to draw in more prospects. You can research some of the top keywords home buyers are using in your area when looking for listings. Also think about the top features your buyers gravitate towards and then write about them! People actually are very precise in their Internet searches and use words like “modern farmhouse kitchen,” or “oversized garage that actually fits two cars.” If you have some listings that have commonly requested features, write about them!

Your blog can also be an avenue to share success stories of existing clients. Think of a quick Q&A article where you ask them how the home buying/selling process went, etc. This will drive more people to you and establish you as an expert or the right agent for the job.

Use Social Media to Draw Attention to Your Listings

Most real estate professionals are using social media to enhance their business. Believe it or not, social media can go a long way in attracting clients to your listing. Take advantage of those awesome HD or drone images you’ve captured and put them into a mini 30 second reel video highlighting the best parts of a property. Post that up with a link to the actual listing and see how much its viewed and shared. You can even embed video into a blog post!

Did Someone Say Virtual Open House?!

Everything is becoming automated, and though walking through a home in-person is still the gold standard before purchasing a new home, some of your prospects may really appreciate a virtual option when starting their search. By setting up and advertising for a virtual open house, you are in control of what and when people see parts of your listing, and also can easily capture contact information. By using platforms like Skype or Zoom you can make the virtual open house process easy for those who are interested. It also increases your SEO presence and you can record it and use it for further advertising of your listing on social media or your blog.

Collaborate with Partners in the Industry

As a real estate agent, there are so many partners in the community that have the similar goals as yours. Some of these could be general contractors, cleaning companies, interior decorators, landscape architects, solar panel companies, or surveying or engineering firms, etc. By working towards a common goal with some of these trusted partners you may know, or should become familiar with, you can share your listings and cross-promote business in return. This is a great way to reach out to other prospects that may not have reached your listing organically.

All successful real estate professionals understand the importance of self-promotion and strategic engagement. The five tips we just discussed can help draw attention to your current listings and grow your business.

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