Staying productive in real estate

5 Tips for Staying Productive in a Slow Real Estate Market

22 Nov, 2023

As a real estate professional, you understand the ebbs and flows of the market. When it’s hot, you barely have time to drink your coffee but when it’s cold you may finally have the time to evaluate processes and increase productivity. Here are five tips for staying productive during a slow real estate market:

It’s Time for a Review

We all need to review our processes every now and again. The Fall and Winter months may be the perfect time for real estate professionals to look at their current business strategies and make a list of what’s working and what needs improvement. For example, what partners are you currently working with? Make a list and identify any areas of concern or potential improvement. How about the technology you use? Now could be a great time to switch some things up or try some new options that can attract and engage your clients more.

Make New Connections

Now’s a great time to work on your client relationships and industry connections. You can start by creating a “persona” of your ideal client. What characteristics does this client have? Make a list and then brainstorm ways you can connect with people that fit this persona. The winter months are a great time for socializing, so take advantage of it! Also, never forget your past clients. Reach out to them and wish them well over the Holiday’s, but also encourage them to touch base if they need contacts for home improvements, etc. This will keep you top-of-mind and strengthen your connection to them.

Focus on Your Priorities

It’s easy to get pulled in different directions when working in real estate. However, during slower times of business it’s a great idea to reset and focus on your top priorities. Whether they are attracting more clients, upgrading your marketing efforts or simply taking more time for work/life balance—your priorities should be the foundation of your business efforts in the months to come. Everything you do you should be able to point back to meeting those priorities or goals. So, make a list and staple that thing all over your office so you are constantly reminded to work to reach those areas that matter the most to you.

Now’s the Time to Shine

Take advantage of the slower months and focus on shining! You know what your strengths are in this business, so highlight them in creative ways. Say you are great at social media—make that your “thing” and begin sharing more insights into your profession and why you make your clients happy. Branch out and add some video marketing in the mix to showcase how personable you can be. If you’re very detail oriented let your prospects know you don’t let anything fall through the cracks. We are all unique in our strengths and weaknesses so use this time to work and both and let the good stuff shine!

Have the Right Partner in Your Corner

No matter how busy or slow the market is, you always want to have experienced, reputable and trustworthy partners in your corner. In your client’s eyes, who you work with is a direct representation of you. At Velocity Title, we strive to provide the best customer experience every single time. With over 300 years of combined service and an in-house real estate attorney, we not only know our stuff—but really, really…really understand the ins-and-outs of the business. Your clients will leave happy so will you. To learn more about how Velocity Title moves you and your clients forward, click here.

Velocity Title Moves You Forward

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