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5 Ways Technology Can Enhance Your Agent-Client Relationships

23 May, 2023

As a real estate professional navigating the current market, you understand more than ever the importance of technology in our business. Yes, we are using it to streamline every aspect of the home buying and selling process—from virtual viewings to remote online closings. But did you think about the ways technology can also improve your realtor-client relationships and boost your success? Here are 5 ways to help you enhance your business relationships using technology:

Make your web presence impactful

To compete in today’s marker, every real estate professional should have their own website and social media accounts. However, there are some other great avenues you can utilize to make an impact on your clients. Consider starting a podcast or a video blog. The goal of this isn’t to get independently famous. It’s so that clients considering working with you can see your body of work. They will accept you as an authority within the industry, especially if you’ve posted detailed information about your specialties and the areas that you cover.

Increase engagement through direct marketing

Newsletters or monthly emails are an excellent way to continuously interact with clients who may not yet be ready to make a move. Some may be thinking of selling their house in a few years; others may be actively working towards being in a position where they can buy a home. Newsletters or direct marketing emails will reach an entire client list, whether it’s 12 people or 1,200 people. The more you connect with your prospects, the more likely they are to eventually connect with you.

Impress your clients with today’s technology

With real estate being extremely competitive, it’s always a good idea to be able to show that you’re at the cutting edge. Consider using technologies such as 3D walkthroughs or drone photography. If you can show your buyers and sellers that you’re using best-of-the-best technology, they’re more likely to trust you with their work. And that technology also helps you; for instance, 3D walkthroughs can make it much faster and easier to sell homes. Also, be sure to partner with other real estate companies, like Velocity Title, that use the best remote online notary closing technology to streamline the home buying and selling process for your clients.

Get creative with searches

The MLS is becoming less and less the end all be all of the real estate industry. Today, quite a lot is being sold off market, and a lot is being sold through the Internet. Don’t forget to use technology to enhance your searches online. You may need to be searching everything from Facebook Marketplace to local news classifieds.

There’s always more than one way to connect

It’s true, the age of talking on the phone is quickly becoming a past-time. Even email can be hard. A lot of clients today are looking to text or even live chat through your website. This is where the latest artificial intelligence software in real estate can come into play. Click here to learn more. If you give your potential (and current) customers multiple options to connect with you, they’ll be more likely to do so. And this also means that you aren’t constantly jumping on and off the phone, because communications will be naturally prioritized by the method they come in with.

Technology is constantly changing, and it can feel burdensome to keep up with it. But technology is always an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition, to better serve your clients, and to improve and optimize your own processes and workflow. As a real estate professional, you have to juggle a lot of data, and you need to wear many hats. You have to be everything from a marketer to an investment analyst. Let technology help.

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