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5 Ways to Bring in More Real Estate Leads in 2024

12 Feb, 2024

As a real estate professional, your success is directly related to the quality and quantity of leads you attract. And yes, sometimes you have more leads than you can handle (insert flashback to early 2021 post-COVID housing market) and other times you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel. No matter the status of the industry, bringing in good leads is a must. Here are five ways to increase your lead generation in 2024:

The Value of Good Partners

As you know, having a great set of partners in your corner not only sets your clients up for success, it also opens doors to new leads for you. By establishing meaningful professional relationships with others in the same industry, you can work together to refer business to one another. In 2024, make it a goal to touch base with your established partners and thank them for their service and having your back. You should also choose 3-5 new partners to connect/work with—which will hopefully increase leads this year. Here are some common real estate partners that can be a huge referral source for your business:

  • Title Insurance Company
  • Landscape Services
  • Cleaning Services
  • Architects
  • Surveying and Engineering Firm
  • Home Staging Company
  • Painters
  • General Contractors
  • Home Decorators
  • Florists
  • Bakeries
  • Local Restaurant Owners

Your Website Needs to Work for You

As you know, technology and real estate go hand-in-hand which means your website needs to be ready to easily meet the needs of your target audience. Your website visitors should not only see who you are as a real estate professional by the look and feel of your site but should get a glimpse at your technologically savvy side. Here are some areas of your website you should make sure are upgraded to attract and engage qualified leads:

  • AI chat bot—having a little box pop up that asks the viewer if they have a question can mean the difference between capturing their contact information or not. These simple bots can bring in leads and also help educate viewers on common questions.
  • Testimonials—people want proof, so give it to them! Showcase pictures and testimonials from some of your happy clients.
  • Let your personality shine—put up a blog on your site and link to articles that might be relevant to your clients. Also link to your YouTube page and make some quick videos introducing yourself and sharing insights!
  • Basic contact information—never forget to have your social media links, phone number(s), email address, fax and license info on your site. Make it as easy as possible for people to reach out to you!
  • Write detailed property information—chances are your website has some great listings on display. Don’t just link to Google Maps. Instead, spend some time researching the schools, nearby amenities, etc. and write up a nice description that will better “sell” the listing to a potential lead.
  • Use quality images—the aesthetics of your website directly reflect your brand and how you will showcase your client’s homes. This is why you should invest in quality images, always!

The Personal Touch

Yes, we live in a very tech-savvy world. Text and email may be the norm, but there is still a lot to sharing a personal touch with clients and partners. Identify five prospective leads and send them a hand-written note about your plans for the year ahead and how you’d like to help them reach their unique goals. Then mark your calendar and do it again four months later if you haven’t heard back. These genuine personal communication efforts will go a long way in growing your business.

You’re an Expert—So Show it

You know your stuff, so let’s others see what an expert you are! Here are some easy ways you can share your insights and expertise with the masses:

  • YouTube videos: Create some quick 1-minute videos highlighting a topic you know a lot about. Then post those videos on your website and social sites, or send them to select clients or prospects you know would be interested in them.
  • Write articles or blogs: If you know a lot about a certain topic in the real estate industry, take some time each week to write a brief article or blog. Then post what you write on your social sites, website and even in an email form if it makes sense.
  • Host a webinar: It may sound scary, but it’s really not too hard once you get the hang of it. We are all familiar with using zoom and google meet at this point, so look into a webinar platform and invite some contacts to listen in while you (and maybe a partner) chat about a topic you know a lot about!
  • Share, share, share! Even if it’s not your own content, share content from your partners or colleagues that you agree with and that will engage your followers or prospects. You want your name and brand to be recognized as an expert or leader in the real estate industry!

Direct Marketing Efforts

When it comes to strategic marketing, never skip out on direct communications with your prospects and clients. Here are some direct marketing efforts that can increase your leads in 2024:

  • Segment your contacts: If you have a group of great past clients you may want to market to them differently than a group of new prospects you’ve never worked with. Segment your contacts into lists and then come up with marketing strategies for each group.
  • Direct email campaigns: Everyone gets a ton of emails each day, so make yours stand out. Email some of your videos in a newsletter form, or send out a real estate word of the month and tie it in with some of the crazy trends going on for buyers or sellers. Think outside the box and lay out a plan to communication via email with your contacts.
  • Direct mail: Yes, it’s still a thing, and yes, it can work! Send out an “about me flyer” to your most sought-after prospects and talk about how excited you are for this year’s market and why you’re the best choice if they are ready to make a move. Or send out a post card to all your clients updating them on your areas of expertise and your contact information.
  • In-person events: Get out there and network! Maybe you host an event for real estate partners so you’re top of mind for the year ahead. Or perhaps you start attending networking events again. You could also offer to throw a house warming party for an amazing client and mingle and network with the neighbors and friends that attend!

Attracting and retaining new qualified leads should be a goal for all of us in the real estate industry this year. As you move forward with your marketing and business strategy, be sure to use some of these tips and strategies to grow your success in 2024!

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