Finishing out the business year strong

Four Ways Real Estate Professionals Can Finish Out the Year Strong

14 Dec, 2023

For real estate professionals, the end of the year often means more down-time than usual. However, that down-time in business can be the perfect opportunity to set yourself up for more success. Here are four simple ways you can finish out the year strong:

Give Your Marketing Plan a Once Over

A good marketing plan is a must for any real estate professional. As the year winds down, now is the perfect time to take a look at your current marketing strategy and make any changes necessary to grow your business. Here are some areas of real estate marketing you may want to review:

  • Current website structure—is it easy to navigate for all users (phone, tablets, PC, etc.)
  • What new technology could you be implementing to attract more qualified leads? Chatbots, SMS system, partnering with a title company that does RON closings, etc.
  • Email marketing strategy—how often are you reaching out to past and current clients and with what type of messaging?
  • Social media presence—what social sites are you using and how frequently?
  • Online reviews—are you asking your clients for reviews after each transaction, and on which sites? How are you using those reviews?

There are many more areas to a comprehensive marketing plan. The important thing is that you identify what areas work and which could use some adjusting. Now is the perfect time to get started!

The Impact of Thank You’s

It’s the season for spreading joy, so send some thank you cards to the clients you worked with this year. You can also send out cards to those prospects you’d like to work with, wishing them a happy new year and letting them know you are available to help with any of their real estate needs.

Just an idea—sending a hand-written card in today’s technology-driven world can go a LONG way. Use your awesome communication skills to your advantage during your down-time!

Paid Advertising

Many real estate professionals have begun using paid advertising to attract new clients. With such a competitive industry, this may be a way to get an advantage. There are many services that offer paid advertisements. Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads are some of the favorites of real estate professionals. This is a good way to gain new followers and increase interest so when the Spring market comes around your services and expertise can be top-of-mind.

Focus on Good Content

Yes, it’s one thing to have a website and send out occasional emails or cards. But its another thing to craft content that you know will attract the type of clients you’re looking for. Write down a list of topics you know a lot about that would be of interest to your followers, then develop articles, blogs or short posts that share your expertise. You can also take these pieces of content and email them in a newsletter form to your followers. Good content can be the best way to draw in more business in the year ahead, and now may be the best time to focus on it.

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