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Get Answers to Your Real Estate Contract Questions with Velocity Title’s New Hotline!

29 Jun, 2022

Real estate contracts—they are a necessary part of every transaction. Most of the time they are straight forward. However, every seasoned real estate professional can attest to a time they had a question and needed some guidance. And sometimes getting accurate and legal clarification can be frustrating and time consuming.

In order to keep you and your clients moving forward with each and every transaction, Velocity Title has launched a Real Estate Contract Law Hotline to get answers to your real estate contract questions! Our in-house real estate attorney, G. Russell Donaldson, Esq. has spent decades helping agents and lenders navigate the often-crazy roads of real estate law.  Call the Real Estate Contract Questions Hotline at 1-800-MY-RE-LAW, or 1-800-697-3529.

Here are some examples of questions / topics that real estate professionals call in to ask for clarification on:

  • The difference between one party terminating the agreement and both parties executing a contractual release agreement
  • HOA Addenda and review periods
  • Earnest Money Deposits (EMD) and Releases
  • Leasehold and Fee Simple designations and erroneous designations
  • Front Foot Benefit Charges—failure to disclose
  • Material Defects—known and unknown and duties to disclose
  • “Date of Contract Acceptance” in the MAR Residential Contract

With the changing real estate landscape, it’s more important than ever to keep your clients happy and on the right track to a seamless compliant transaction. Don’t let those contract issues hold you back. Contact Velocity Title’s “Real Estate Contract Law Hotline” today at 1-800-MY-RE-LAW (1-800-697-3529) or email us at [email protected].

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