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Simplified Digital Closings Just Got Better for MD Real Estate Agents

25 Feb, 2021

One thing is for sure, in the midst of the COVID pandemic—and today’s growing technology capabilities— digital closings are here to say. As consumers, and real estate professionals, learn to adapt to the newest ways of buying and selling homes, trusted digital closing services are a must. One example of this is the newest partnership between and Qualia.

On January, 25, 2021, and Qualia announced they will be working together to give agents and their clients a unique ability to collaborate online in real time with their title provider of choice as part of a fully integrated digital closing experience.

According to, “the experience will first launch in February as a pilot test in seven states across the country, followed by a nationwide launch later this year. The seven states are Florida, Maryland, Ohio, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia.”

What Exactly is Qualia?

If you haven’t used Qualia yet, you’re missing out! Qualia is the technology that powers the real estate industry’s leading title and escrow providers. When you close with title companies that use Qualia, like Velocity Title, you and your clients get the country’s first seamless online closing experience. Velocity Title has been Qualia for years, and as an expert in the platform, it truly is an awesome way to streamline the closing process.

As a real estate professional, your client’s needs come first. and Qualia’s partnership is another step in the right direction to giving your clients a simple, secure, and painless closing that will exceed their expectations and generate a lifetime of referral business.

The Qualia platform provides:

  • Easy and secure online forms for headache-free closing preparation
  • Safe client data management safe with secure message and document sharing
  • Up-to-date, real-time closing progress tracker on your Qualia mobile app
  • Live access to your title company for questions

What does this partnership mean for real estate agents in Maryland? and Qualia will offer an integrated digital closing experience for agents, consumers and title providers. According to, “Agents in the ReadyConnect Concierge network will be able to use their existing ReadyConnect Agent app to select one of the many highly rated title partners who are powered by Qualia’s platform. Agents can also introduce additional title partners to the network through the ReadyConnect Concierge℠ app and web experience. If they choose, agents can continue to work outside of the app with any title provider outside of the Qualia platform. If they work with a title provider in the Qualia network, like Velocity Title, agents and their clients can:

  • Automatically manage and review documents
  • Track progress in real time, and communicate with the chosen title company through the secure Qualia Connect platform
  • Rest-assured that the security features also help protect buyers from phishing and fraud
  • Sign their closing documents, and in select states some participants can have them remotely notarized with Qualia’s fully integrated Remote Online Notarization tool, as well.

How Velocity Title uses Qualia to move your clients forward:

Velocity Title has been utilizing Qualia for years to help clients streamline their closings. We are Qualia power users, and our knowledge enables us to leverage the platform for our clients—giving them the ultimate streamlined experience. Realtors and their clients have 24/7 access to their closings, allowing them:

  • Get the status of a file now, not after five phone calls
  • Generate documents faster using MS-Word
  • No faxing necessary, and no need to retype closing documents
  • Real-time updates for all users—as tasks are completed, your business partners will be kept in the loop

As Maryland is now one of the seven states in and Qualia’s pilot test, now’s the best time to give Qualia a try if you haven’t yet. With the next era of title technology upon is, your clients and your workflow will thank you! To set up a demo, contact me today. To learn more, click here.

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