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5 No-Brainer Tips for a Successful Real Estate Photo Shoot

03 Feb, 2018

Spring is right around the corner and For Sale signs will be popping up in lawns across the country—just like those May flowers. Last year’s real estate market was one of the best in recent memory, but this year concerns about tax law could steer some potential buyers away. That means that as an agent you must remove all potential barriers to buying ahead of time.

One of the greatest barriers to a purchase, one which causes quality properties to languish year after year, is poor listing photos.

Good photos aren’t optional in today’s real estate market; they are a must. To get more traffic, more bids, and more business, follow these 5 no-brainer tips for a successful real estate photo shoot. At the end, we will share some pictures of agents who most certainly did not follow this advice.

Optimize Your Real Estate Photo Shoot

Clean the House!

This one is a true no-brainer, but you would be surprised how many homes we see in listings that obviously have not been cleaned. Hire a professional cleaning service that will get into every nook and cranny. You want those marble countertops and that wood floor to POP out of the picture—not blend in. Put all toilet seats down!

Get the Lighting Right

If you hire a professional for your real estate photo shoot, they will take care of this for you. If not, make sure all window blinds are tilted upward at an angle of 45 degrees. And always,  take pictures during the day—a sunny and bright day.

Put Toys and Clothes Away

You want those viewing the property to picture themselves living there, not someone else. That means that personal effects, like toys and clothes, should be stored and out of sight.

Remove Clutter

Neatly stacked books on a bookshelf—those can stay. Books piled up on the coffee table — those can’t. Clutter is unappealing to the eye and should be removed prior to your real estate photo shoot.

Mow the Lawn and Hire a Landscaper

If it’s spring or summer, make sure the lawn is mowed and the hedges are trimmed. How the outside of a home looks is nearly as important as how the inside looks. Obviously, the effort this step will require varies depending on the size of the lot. The lawn should be mowed within 24 hours of the photo shoot to give it a fresh feel.

And of course, to see what not to do, check out these 26 Terrible Real Estate Photos. For more advice for real estate agents, look no further than the Velocity Title blog, where we share tips on everything from selling smart homes to defeating your realtor slump!

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