Christina M. Garvey-Berman

Christina M. Garvey-Berman

12 Jan, 2017

Christina Garvey-Berman is Co-Founder/Owner of Velocity Title where she is responsible for leading one of the most innovative and client-focused companies in the industry. With over 35 years of management and underwriting experience, Christina’s unmatched understanding of the title industry allows her to “move clients forward” with the most effective and streamlined services available. Though in charge of business operations, Christina is still extremely hands-on with all her clients’ needs—ensuring their final step in the homebuying process is efficient, easy and informative.

Previously, Christina owned Gateway Title Inc., which she founded in 1995. There she was named Entrepreneur of the Year in 2015 by the Greater Bowie Chamber of Commerce.
As a recognized veteran and underwriting expert, Christina regularly trains and educates fellow colleagues on the latest title updates and trends—as well as the basics of real estate practices to those just getting started.

Christina holds a Maryland Title Insurance License, is a Notary Public, and a member of the American Land and Title Association (ALTA).

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