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Top Lead Generation Strategies for Today’s Real Estate Agents

25 May, 2021

As you know, the real estate market is busier than ever. Many real estate professionals are juggling a lot of clientele, but eventually things will slow down and more strategic lead generation strategies will be a must. In today’s real estate environment, traditional lead generation can still work, but it won’t get you the clients you need to grow your business. It’s time to tweak these older strategies to match the newest homebuying generation and their demands. Here are four ways to do this:

Your Persona

Today’s buyers crave connection. The older generation may be more acceptable of mass-produced, cookie-cutter, or corporate messaging—in other words, branding that lacks personality. However, personality (or your persona) is the key to making your marketing efforts work. None of your lead generation strategies are likely to work without it. Whether you’re using video, blogging, email marketing, or even lead capture forms—it needs to showcase your personality, be honest and authentic. Potential real estate clients want to work with someone they can relate to.

Video Marketing

Video is a big deal, now more than ever. With COVID, real estate has felt the necessity of video capabilities. This has been a gateway for potential buyers to see homes without actually stepping foot in them. To put it simply, video and real estate now go hand-in-hand. And when it comes to your marketing tactics, using video is key to attracting and retaining clients. In fact, three-quarters of brands see higher return on investment from their video marketing than any other tactic. That’s powerful. And today, with the predominance of social media, there are more outlets than ever for realtors to post their videos. Some ideas for video marketing can be:

  • Walkthroughs of homes
  • Educational videos to lend a hand to new buyers and sellers
  • Videos to just introduce yourself to the world

Outside the big three social media platforms—Instagram, Facebook and Twitter—you can also post your videos on YouTube, on your site, within your blog, etc.

Social Proof

Today’s real estate clients are almost uniquely suspicious when being sold on something. This is because the majority of them grew up with the Internet, which is an incredible repository of information, but also disinformation, scams, etc. Because of this, social proof is super important. Your potential clients need reassurance of your legitimacy, persona, and also success. This is where the following tactics can help:

  • Testimonials
  • Videos of happy clients
  • Reviews
  • Videos of yourself out and about in the community

All of these things deliver peace of mind to potential clients that you are running a legitimate business and that you are a great real estate agent!

Blogging and Email Marketing

Blogging and email marketing are nothing new, but both are still extremely effective—especially when done right. Blogging and email marketing deliver a powerful one-two punch of lead nurturing and lead generation. To get visitors to your site, you need to create fresh, compelling, SEO-optimized content that features local-market info that your pool of potential clients would search for. The bottom-line is to create content they want, and do it with your persona reflecting through.

The next step after you’ve gotten them to visit your site or blog is to have them fill out a lead capture form. This form should give them a feel of who you are as real estate agent—so put some personality into it! Rather than prompting the visitor with something boring like, “Please provide your information to receive our newsletter,” say something like “Not sick of us yet? Get more great content straight to your inbox.”

Your email marketing could also deliver something of value: alerts about newly listed properties, more educational (and engaging) content, whitepapers, etc.

To learn more about ways you can engage your audience, and tactics for lead generation development, check out our white paper, “Getting Real about the Top Realtor and Lender Challenges.”

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