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6 Summer Real Estate Tips to Help Your Clients Sell their Homes Fast

10 May, 2024

The summer market is right around the corner which means so is an uptick in real estate listings. According to Zillow, “home sellers make the most money and sell fastest in the first two weeks of May, with July and June, respectively, serving as the next best months to list your home.” Even though the market isn’t as hot as previous years, it’s still important to share these top tips with your clients before they list.

More buyers are coming out of the woodwork

Now that higher interest rates aren’t as shocking, there are many buyers ready to hit the market—and what better time than summer? With that in mind, sellers need to be serious about working with expert real estate agents to list their homes in a way to attract qualified buyers. By understanding the market, and also the competition, you can increase your chances of selling for the price you want and on your timeline.

The competition is heating up

With the summer months being some of the busiest in real estate, many sellers are looking to list now. That increases the amount of inventory on the market, but also adds more competition to the mix. It’s important for sellers to be aware of this increase and work with their agent to gain a competitive edge amongst similar listings. This may mean some extra TLC to your current property. Sellers can also attend some open houses to get a feel for how their home stacks up.

It’s time for some upgrades

Every seller wants to get the most out of their investment as possible. In order to do that—and stay ahead of the competition—upgrades may be needed. A trusted real estate agent can work with buyers to identify areas of their home that can use a little DIY love. Often, smaller projects such as new paint, power washing, or staining a deck can result in a big return on investment. Take the time to look at the areas of your home that could use some work, and start making a plan to tackle them asap! Some projects may require some outside help—bathroom tile re-do or kitchen counter installs. Be sure to partner with companies that understand not only your timeline, but your budget and expectations.

Your asking price may have to go down

Back in the COVID real estate era, the demand for homes was so high that sellers were getting over asking price, and often in all-cash. Now that the market has settled, this is no longer the norm. Current sellers shouldn’t be caught off guard if their agent recommends lowering the asking price to accommodate the right buyers. Trust the process and build in some wiggle-room to your selling price.

Curb appeal is real

The outside of your home can be the first look a potential buyer gets, which is why curb appeal is so important. If you’re planning on listing your home, take the time to get everything looking great on the outside. Keep the grass cut, plant some flowers, put a fresh coat of paint on the door or shutters. All these small things can make a huge impact on the desirability of your home. A good real estate agent can help you identify the areas outside of your home that could use some updating to keep your curb appeal ahead of the game.

More time on the market isn’t as scary as it seems

The average amount of days a home is on the market can vary from city to city, but it’s not uncommon to see listings stay active for a month or more. Sellers shouldn’t put too much weight into how many days their home has been on the market. Working with an experienced agent will help them determine if they need to make any adjustments to attract more buyers and push out the competition.

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