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Attract More, High-Quality Real Estate Clients in 5 Simple Steps

07 Feb, 2018

No two real estate clients are created equal. Any seasoned real estate provider can attest to the differences in client types. Some are fun to pass the time with—they appreciate your hard work and send you referrals. Others…not so much.

What if we told you that there was a way to attract the former and avoid the latter, that attracting more, high-quality real estate clients isn’t a game of chance. You are in luck, because that is exactly what we are about to share with you!

Step 1 – Separate the Wheat from the Chaff

Before you start attracting the right kind of real estate clients, you need to define exactly what that means. List your favorite and least favorite 10 clients (five is OK if you are just starting out) by name on a piece of paper. Leave three to four  lines between each name.

Step 2 – Reminisce About the Good (or Bad) Times You Had

Think about the transaction(s) of your favorite clients, and try to remember what you liked about them. Write them down. If problems arose, were they pleasant to work with as you sorted the issue out? Were they always prompt in returning documents and paperwork? Be as specific as you can.

Step 3 – Get Detailed with the Data

Time to delve deeper. Write down important information about the transaction and the client. Transaction details will include details about the neighborhood, the property type, the price range, etc. Client details should include everything you know about the client. Think demographic information—things that would show up on a census. The most important detail to remember, of course, is how they became your client. How did you get that lead? Was it an open house? A referral? Knowing this will help you find more clients just like them.

Step 4 – Find the Pattern

Once you have all the pertinent details down, it’s time to analyze them and look for patterns. Usually your list will all have some similarities, often in terms of careers, income, and marital status. You are going to use these common denominators of your clients to create a persona. Personas are important tools in the corporate world. Companies use them to define their ideal customers. Often each product will have several personas. Create several personas of ideal clients and use them as a guiding light for all your other lead generation efforts.

Step 5 – Revisit Your Nightmare Client List

Time to go back to the 10 least favorite clients you wrote down. Follow steps two through four to create a persona of your worst-case scenario clients. It’s also important to recognize how you ended up with this client, as it’s something you’ll want to avoid in the future.

That’s all it takes! Follow these five steps and your realtor lead generation efforts will not be wasted on clients you don’t really want to work with.

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