Now's the time for easy home updates during COVID-19

Be Buyer Ready: 5 Easy Home Updates to Make During COVID-19

03 Jun, 2020

Let’s face it, the coronavirus may be social distancing us, but many people still need to move into new homes! That means properties need to be sold and bought. Perhaps you or your client are thinking ahead—you see the states starting to lift restrictions, the summer months right around the corner. Now may be the time to get that listing on the market. But before you do, take some time to make some easy home updates so when it comes time to show your house—whether in person or virtually—you’re ready!

Here are five easy upgrades that will get you the most bang for your buck when the time is right:

  • Add some curb appeal:

Believe it or not, garden centers are considered essential and are open for business. Do a curb-side pick-up and  grab yourself some new shrubs, perennials, or hanging baskets to add some color and light to the outside of your house. Also, take this time to clean up any outside areas that may need new paint or cleaning. No one wants to see a mildew-covered gutter!

  • Replace cabinet hardware, or paint your cabinets:

Kitchens can sell a home. If your kitchen is a little outdated, grab some Valspar cabinet enamel paint (no priming needed) and spend the weekend updating those cabinets. It’ll make a huge difference. If your cabinets are in great shape, think of doing a simple cabinet hardware upgrade. There are a ton of great options you can find online right now. Just make sure you measure the screw length of both the drawers and cabinet knobs.

  • Freshen up the walls and trim:

When was the last time you painted your house? Maybe it’s time for a refresh. Think of the main living spaces and the current colors you have. Buyers are looking for neutrals. Pick a nice color, Stonington Gray or Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore are great ones, and do a nice easy home update. Also, grab a can of trim paint and brighten up your trim. A clean looking house has never, ever, been more important!

  • Fix the fixtures:

Are your light fixtures dated? How about your faucets? Do they fit the space, or could they make it look fresh and new? Now’s a great time to give your bathrooms/main living spaces a new look. Changing the color or shape of a faucet can take a boring bathroom vanity and make it pop. Putting a new light fixture in your dining room that focuses on current buyers’ aesthetics (think Joanna Gaines here) can make the room look fresh. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of these small, but meaningful, easy home updates.

  • Make your home smarter:

Today’s buyers want smart home features. Do you have thermostats that you can set from your phone? Do you have a camera on your doorbell? Can your smart device control your heating and cooling system, alarm or lights? If not, now’s the time to look into some of these upgrades. These devices are easy to install yourself and can usually cost you under $1000. Remember, if a tech-savvy buyer sees a tech-savvy home, they will be willing to pay more.

With the housing market about to kick back up a notch in the coming months, take this time to get ready to showcase your home with some easy home updates. The coronavirus has impacted us all, but life will go on, and you still deserve to move onto the next chapter in your life. Be as prepared as possible.

To learn more about how Velocity Title is continuing to move its clients forward during COVID-19, click here.

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