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For Luxury Buyers in 2021, These Top Interior Architecture Trends are a Must

12 Mar, 2021

If you ever have to deal with luxury buyers, interior design trends play a major role in the kinds of properties they end up buying. With people working from home more now than ever, and an increase in digital avenues available for shopping—people are home…a lot. Because of this, they’re going to have a sharp eye for layouts, features and designs that will turn their next home into the centerpiece of their lives. Here’s some insights on the top interior architecture trends for 2021.

Focused Maximalism

Minimalism has been a trend for years now, but as more people spend time among the same four walls every day, that trend is on its way out. Instead, many home buyers are looking for a kind of maximalism, or a style that seeks to wow anyone who sees it. Boldness and eccentricity are commonly sought after through designs that are similar to what you might find in a fine dining restaurant or fancy hotel. A good rule of thumb is that any interior design choice that sparks conversation in a positive way is going to be more popular.


Continuity throughout a property is a fairly common desire, but the latest trends are seeing it pushed even further. In addition to having continuity throughout the interior, the indoor and outdoor areas need to have continuity as well. Outdoor spaces are increasingly popular in luxury homes, and having fixtures and designs in the outdoor space that blend in seamlessly with the indoor space can create a truly alluring experience that many buyers are looking for right now.

More Rooms

For years, interior design trends have been dominated by open floor plans. While buyers aren’t entirely opposed to open designs, they do tend to favor more closed-off rooms than before. With the renewed need for privacy that 2020 brought, buyers are looking for properties that not only have sunlit open spaces, but also cozy and private places. Keep in mind, however, that there tends to be a demographic split with this trend. While all people appreciate the value of private rooms, older people tend to value them more, while younger buyers still want some open spaces.


As people spend more time at home, their desire for functionality and practicality in interior design has increased drastically. Many buyers are going to want floors and surfaces that can deal with the wear and tear of being home all the time rather than something that only has to put up with traffic after a long day at work. Keep in mind, however, that all buyers are different. This trend may be a top priority for some, but others won’t want to sacrifice the aesthetic for any reason.

As with all trends, these don’t apply universally to everyone. The most important thing all brokers and agents can do is listen and take notes when they show people houses. Get a good idea of what a potential buyer is looking for to find the perfect solution for their needs. These top interior architecture trends of 2021 are a great starting point to meeting your client’s needs.

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