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Four Agent Tips for Increasing Your Qualified Leads

25 Nov, 2021

The real estate industry has been busier than ever. In fact, we’ve seen homes sell at record high speeds and record high prices. With that in mind, many real estate agents are juggling more work than normal. But does that mean the clients coming in are the “target audience” you need to keep your business growing? Here are four things you can do, even when the market is hot, to increase the qualified leads you bring in:

Your personality is your super power

Cookie-cutter communication efforts aren’t always going to connect you with the ideal target audience. When it comes to real estate agent lead generation strategies, showcasing your personality is your super power. No matter what medium you’re using—video, blogging, email marketing, even lead capture forms—it needs to showcase your personality, be honest and authentic. That’s what sets you apart from your competition.

Video is a must—use it to your advantage

With our new post-COVID society, video is a must. It’s no longer just a “nice to have.” Add in the dominance of social media in real estate, and there are now more outlets than ever for real estate agents to post their videos. By utilizing video marketing strategies the right way, and in the right platform, you have a better chance of engaging the qualified leads you’re looking for. Here are some video ideas:

  • Virtual tours of homes
  • Educational videos on topics that matter to your audience
  • Videos introducing yourself to the world
  • Videos of you with happy clients that meet the criteria of those you’d like to attract more of

Prove you are who you say you are

With so many people using virtual options to connect with real estate professionals, it’s important to do what’s necessary to help them believe you are who you say you are. The Internet, which is an incredible repository of information, is also full of disinformation, scams, etc. Hence the immeasurable value of social proof. Testimonials, videos of happy clients, reviews—and yes even videos of yourself out and about in the community—all deliver peace of mind to potential clients that you are running a legitimate business and that you are a great agent. These efforts of proving you are who you say you are will make it easier for your ideal lead to move from cold to hot!

Words matter, so use them

In today’s real estate industry, blogs and email marketing are something we are all familiar with. And the truth is, these avenues continue because they work! When executed correctly, blogging and email marketing deliver the perfect recipe for lead nurturing and lead generation. To get visitors to your site, you need to create fresh, compelling, SEO-optimized content that features local-market info that your pool of ideal potential clients would search for.

Once you have them on your site, you need to get them to take the next step: fill out a lead capture form. Remember what we said about personality—it’s the key to every real estate lead generation strategy. Put some personality into your lead capture form.

Your email marketing must also deliver something of value: alerts about newly listed or sold properties, more educational (and engaging) content, testimonials, some of your new awesome videos, etc.

To learn more about real estate lead generating strategies, click here.

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