Velocity Title is Golfing Responsibly with The Brick Companies and Annapolis Green!

11 Oct, 2016

On Oct. 3, 2017, almost 300 golfers made their way to The Brick Companies’ (TBC) annual golf outing at Queenstown Harbor in Maryland. Velocity Title’s Co-Founder Glenn Donaldson was one of them, and he was on a mission to share the importance of “Golfing Responsibly.”

TBC’s event this year was different than previous because it was made green—and not just because of the grass. TBC teamed up with non-profit group Annapolis Green to create a golf event that focused on the importance of implementing sustainable golf practices.

Glenn has volunteered for Annapolis Green for many years—and has experience in acting and video production—so he was asked to help develop a video promoting “Golfing Responsibly” for the event. This video found the humor in some of the unnecessary waste that can be created playing golf, and how easy it can be to make better choices to impact our environment. Check out Glenn’s “Golfing Responsibly” video here!

  • Some of the sustainable golf practices promoted at the event included:
    Replacing single-use plastic water bottles with NAPTOWN TAP as a no-waste alternative
    Compostable service ware for food and drink
  • Zero-Waste (nothing goes to the landfill) with composting and recycling
    Messaging about the effort to golfers, staff and vendors, including the community impact of making an event as big as this sustainable

Are you a golfer? Do you think golfing green is a good idea? Spread the word to the organizers of your favorite tourney that Annapolis Green is looking to make “green” at least two tournaments in 2018!

About The Brick Companies: The Brick Companies is a privately held company based in Edgewater, Maryland, which owns, develops and manages commercial, residential and recreational properties in and around the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia and other leading U.S. markets.

About Annapolis Green: Annapolis Green is a non-profit group with a mission to connect, inform, and inspire Annapolis residents, organizations, and businesses to care for the environment, live more responsibly and create a more beautiful and thriving community.

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