True Life COVID-19: How an Exposed Nurse Was Able to Complete Her Settlement

31 Mar, 2020

Imagine knowing the settlement for your home is only weeks away, and then being unexpectedly thrown into the front lines of an unprecedented pandemic—becoming exposed to the very virus you’re trying to save people from. This was the case for one of Velocity Title’s clients, a local ER nurse named Jessica.

The New Reality of COVID-19 and Essential Workers

Just like many of our brave healthcare professionals right now, Jessica, a young woman working in the emergency department at a local hospital, became exposed to COVID-19 while treating an infected patient. Once directly exposed, she followed CDC and hospital protocols and was put in isolation for 14 days. During her quarantine, she was notified that the closing date for her home would be one week after her isolation ended. Even though she met all requirements for re-joining the general population, she still reached out directly to Velocity Title and told us about her situation.

Taking the Necessary Actions to Stay Safe

As an essential business remaining open during this crisis, Velocity Title had been preparing for a situation like this. We were ready to accommodate Jessica for her closing, and we’re so grateful she told us she had recently been quarantined. Velocity sprang into action, taking all the necessary measures to allow the settlement to be conducted as safely as possible. Though Jessica no longer posed a true risk to the community, all parties involved felt it was better to be safe than sorry. On March 25, 2020, we were able to safely complete the settlement of Jessica’s home! Using modern technology, along with safety and cleanliness protocols, this brave nurse is now able to start the next chapter of her life and get back to helping others live theirs.

Jessica sums up her closing process during these trying times by saying, “Even in the face of this unprecedented pandemic, (Velocity Title) worked with me to make sure closing went as smoothly as possible. I work in Healthcare and had been exposed. Upon learning this information, the team came up with a plan that was safe for everyone and treated me with the utmost respect and understanding. I truly appreciated their efforts and kindness.”

Velocity Title - Jessica

The image above is courtesy of our client Jessica.

To learn more about how Velocity Title is managing the COVID-19 virus, and the safety protocols we have put into place, click here.

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