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Top Agent Questions Real Estate Leaders Should be Prepared to Answer

19 Apr, 2021

Whether they’re your own team members or new talent you’re looking to hire, real estate agents will always have questions. These questions can come in many different forms, and as a leader in the real estate industry, it’s your job to be able to provide the necessary answers. Here are the top agent questions that real estate leaders should be prepared to answer.

How Can You Help Me Progress?

One of the most common questions leaders will get from their agents is how you can help them progress. Every agent strives to move forward in their profession, and their performance may very well depend on your answer—even if they don’t intend it to. Some will be looking for concrete tools to help them advance, such as classes and mentorship. Others will ask for information on the latest techniques and tools they can use to streamline their processes and attract more clientele. Anything that can help them advance in a reasonable amount of time will be helpful to share with them. As a leader you need to stay educated on recent real estate trends, and be prepared to share the latest information and insights.

How are Leads Distributed?

In times past, people interested in properties would call the real estate office for more information, and the agent who answered the phone would be entitled to the lead. This method doesn’t quite work anymore since most potential clients don’t directly call offices anymore. They do independent research online or call the agent directly who made the listing. Any agent on your team will want to know how those leads are distributed. If someone calls about one of their listings, would they get the lead, or would it go to the agent who picked up the office phone? A good leader will have a system in place to manage leads as they come in, and also help their agents come up with strategies to attract new business.

How is Errors and Omissions Insurance Handled?

Errors and omissions insurance is an important part of real estate work, and your agents will want to know how they have to handle it. Some brokers, for example, will require agents to pay their annual insurance charges in one lump sum even if they leave the brokerage before the year is up. Others, however, offer month-to-month options as well as a percentage taken from commissions. You’ll need to be able to answer this question directly when agents ask.

What Kind of Technology Tools are Used?

Technology tools distinguish the successful brokerages from the ones that are merely getting by. As new tech starts to dominate the industry, your agents are going to want to know what you’re offering to stay ahead. They’ll want to know if they’ll have to build their own website and maintain their own contact management system. You should also be able to provide information on mobile apps, which can make work much easier for agents. Knowing the latest real estate technology trends, and having systems in place in your workplace, will help your agents and also increase business.

As a leader in the real estate profession, agents are going to have an array of questions that you’ll need to answer to keep them on board and working hard. When you’re prepared to answer the tough questions, you can help your team succeed and grow.

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