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Real Estate Law: The Importance of Choosing the Right Type of Deed and Form of Ownership

27 Jul, 2022

Recently, a real estate agent contacted me because their clients had a court ordered judgment attach against their property. The

When Buying a Home, Being Penny Wise May Leave You Dollar Foolish

26 Jul, 2022

Imagine this: You’re finally ready to sell your home and move on to the next stage in your life. You

Real Estate Contract Law: The Significance of “The Statute of Frauds”

30 Jun, 2022

Author: G. Russell Donaldson, Esq. After 40 years as a real estate licensee, real estate broker and real estate attorney

Get Answers to Your Real Estate Contract Questions with Velocity Title’s New Hotline!

29 Jun, 2022

Real estate contracts—they are a necessary part of every transaction. Most of the time they are straight forward. However, every

Mechanics’ Liens in Real Estate: What to Watch Out For

27 May, 2022

Author: G. Russell Donaldson, Esq, Co-Founder, Velocity Title If you are a buyer of a new home, or a home

Breach of Broker Buyer Agreement in Real Estate—How to Avoid a Legal Battle

09 May, 2022

By: R. Glenn Donaldson, Esq., Founder, Velocity Title A high producing real estate brokerage and their agent recently came to

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